Don't Try This at Home, Kids!



Chris Manley


HTV Wales (regional), 14 October to 16 December 1997 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Game show based around children doing things that they're not normally supposed to do, like jumping on beds and playing with food. Two teams of two took part on a set which looked like a poor rendition of a house.

There were a number of rounds, each was scored with 'Don't Try This at Home Quids', and there was laminated pieces of paper with different denominations of Quids. The team with the most Quids at the end of the game won.

The bathroom round involved singing in a shower, with the house band providing the backing music. If the audience liked what they heard, there were Quids to be won, however bad singing was 'rewarded' with the player getting a soaking... then receiving Quids (almost in sympathy.)

The final round was always held at the front of the 'stage', and involved the children getting questions about their parents, with possible embarassment included. This also involved a pile of single Quids, with right answers adding to the teams' pile and incorrect answers taking Quids away. A button on the house band's electric piano emitting 'Don't Do That!' was used to call time on the round.


There was a live house band, and the end credits were simply cards held up by a swaying audience.

Broadcast in the 5:10pm slot sandwiched between CITV and ITN's early evening news.

For some silly reason, the VT editor decided to lay on a film effect in post-production.

The Independent Television Commission's report on the show: "As the only regional children's programme offered by HTV this year, DTTAHK was unsatisfactory in terms of production and technical values. The series, which was repeated to reach the minimum licence requirement, was also light on regional content." Not surprisingly, HTV Wales axed it.


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