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The Garden for Channel 4, 6 August 2023 to present


Ten contestants are dropped into a remote Northern Canadian wilderness, where they must survive entirely alone. They're equipped with only a handful of basic tools and must film their adventure themselves while battling the elements, loneliness and wild animals in a trial of skill, mental strength and resilience, Whoever lasts longest wins £100,000.

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2023 Tom Williams


Based on the US show of the same name.

Theme music

Wayne Roberts


Channel 4 broadcast the first episode on TV on 6 August 2023, and added it to its catch-up service right afterwards. Then, for whatever reason, the channel added the second episode to its catch-up service, before broadcasting it on TV a week later; the remaining four episodes repeated this practice. Channel 4 were very proud of the fact that the second episode had clocked up 40.3 million streaming minutes by the end of 2023, enough to make its "top 20 most streamed single episode figures" list at the end of the year; we wonder if anyone's going to tell them that works out at less than 900,000 streams... as if they didn't know. Welcome to the wonderful world of media promotion!

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