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I is for... Interruption - Where a contestant has pressed their buzzer before the host has finished reading out the question. Interruptions are generally discouraged in quiz shows since they prevent the viewer from answering the question. Interruptions can be reduced or eliminated by introducing a swerve to some questions, fining contestants for incorrect interruptions, or disabling the buzzers until the question has been read out.


Title Genre
I Blame the Spice Girls Comedy panel game (television)
I Can Do That Childrens
I Can See Your Voice Variety
I Don't Like Mondays Stunts and dares
I Guess That's Why They Call It the News Radio, comedy panel game (news)
I Kissed a Boy Reality, dating
I Like the Way U Move Reality, Dating
I Literally Just Told You Memory quiz
I Love My Country Comedy panel game
I Packed My Bag Quiz, themed (memory)
I Suppose You Think That's Funny Comedy panel game (comedy)
I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse Reality, horror
Ice Warriors Action and adventure
I'd Do Anything (1) Stunts and dares
I'd Do Anything (2) Variety, reality
Identity Decision making
If I Ruled the World... Comedy panel game (politics)
I'll Get This Dinner-table stunts
I'm an Aussie... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
I'm Famous and Frightened! Reality
The Imitation Game Comedy panel game
!mpossible Quiz, general knowledge
Impossible? Variety, decision making
The Impressionists Radio, comedy panel game
Impromptu Comedy panel game
Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson Comedy panel game
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue Radio, comedy panel game
I'm Spartacus Radio, comedy panel game (film)
I'm the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
Incognito Puzzle
Incognito Quiz Comedy panel game
Incredible Edible Challenge Stunts and dares
Incredible Games Childrens
Indecent Proposals Stunts and dares
The Indoor League Sports
In for a Penny Family show
In It to Win It Quiz, general knowledge
In My Opinion Panel game
In the Dark Stunts and dares
In the Grid Family game show
In With a Shout General knowledge quiz
Innovation Nation Technological
Inn Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Insert Name Here Comedy panel game
Inside Clyde Childrens
The Insider Recruitment
Insides Out Childrens
Inspiration! Radio quiz, themed (science and inventions)
Instant Restaurant Lifestyle
Intellect Puzzle
Inter Regional Spelling Competition Radio, childrens
Interceptor Action and adventure
Interior Design Masters Lifestyle, interior design
Interior Rivalry Lifestyle, business
International Bridge Club Sports (bridge)
International King of Sports Sports
International Quiz Radio, academic quiz
Interpub Quiz, general knowledge
The Interrogators Action and adventure
Intuition Family game show, regional (East of England)
Invasion Quiz, themed (Wales)
IQ/NI Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz
Iron Chef UK Lifestyle
The Island Panel game
It Pays to Behave Comparative parenting
It Shouldn't Happen to a Quiz Show Host Documentary
It Strikes a Chord Quiz, themed (music)
It's a Knockout/Jeux Sans Frontieres Stunts and dares
It's a Mystery Panel game
It's Anybody's Guess Family game show
It's Anyone's Game Regional quiz, themed (sports)
It's Beadle Stunts and dares
It's Going to Penalties Comedy panel game (sports)
It's Not Fair Childrens
It's Not Me, It's You Comedy panel game
It's Not the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
It's Not What You Know (1) Quiz, general knowledge
It's Not What You Know (2) Radio, panel game
It's Now or Never Stunts and dares
It's Only A Theory Philosophy, panel game
It's Only TV... But I Like It Quiz, themed (television)
It's Patently Obvious Panel game
It's Torture! Childrens
It's Tough at the Top Childrens
It's Your Round Radio, Comedy panel game
It's Your Word Childrens
ITV Play Puzzle
ITV Soap Challenge Quiz, themed (ITV soap operas)
I've Got a Secret Panel game
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