Inside Clyde



Tony Hawks


Jim Campbell as Clyde


Talent TV for Disney, 25 January 2004 to ?


Some actual, original Disney UK content that's not just a London thesp putting a voice-over over the top of Dweeb and his Blue Minions.

Heavily influenced by The Crystal Maze and the sci-fi film Inner Space, a team of two children tolerate dragging an adult helper around various different zon... er... organs of the body to collect cryst... er... 'nanobots' which gives them extra time in the finale: the Crystal D... er... 'Brain Storm' round. The team of three are shrunk down by the Professor and injected into his subject, the aforesaid Clyde.

File:Insideclyde_profclyde2.jpgThe prof and his "patient"

The ear game plays like a giant drum pad, triggering different noises and - worse still, waking Clyde up - if a player steps on one of the wrong pads. In the eye, players move Clyde's eyeball to get a better image of what object he is looking at.

File:Insideclyde_eye3.jpgThere's light in the eye.

Hey, kids! What's more fun than lancing pus from a stomach ulcer? That's their task in the stomach zone, while they attempt to balance on a wobbly raft (an oversized Shreddie). But it gets even more gross in the slippery intestine, where one player is guided around in the dark to find pieces of nanobot while the other two team-mates look on via an infrared camera.

In the Brain Storm, one child has to be guided around a maze of neurons to activate picture clues to a well-known person, place or thing (think an easy version of Only Connect's picture rounds).

Unlike The Crystal Maze, there was precious little variety in the games beyond a couple of tweaks, but overall this was an affable series.


Mark Robson


File:Insideclyde_brain.jpgInside the brain. Lots of empty space, you'll notice.
File:Insideclyde_ear.jpgThe ear contains a version of the drogna game, as every GCSE biology student knows.
File:Insideclyde_ear2.jpgThe team play a game of (optic) nerves.
File:Insideclyde_eye.jpgLook, I'm inside.
File:Insideclyde_eye2.jpgPressure builds up behind the eyeball.
File:Insideclyde_profclyde.jpgOf course it's safe. I saw it in a movie once.
File:Insideclyde_profclyde3.jpgProf Hawks with the same "patient"
File:Insideclyde_profclyde4.jpgAs John Fashanu would say "Focus!"
File:Insideclyde_stomach.jpgIn the stomach. Clyde clearly doesn't chew his food properly.


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