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D is for... Devisor - The creator of an idea and/or paper format for an entertainment concept, such as a TV game show. The producer of a programme will adapt the game to make it work for television, but it is usually the person that initiated the idea that is credited as the devisor.


Title Genre
Daily Cooks Challenge Cookery
Dale's Great Getaway Travel
Dan Glo Childrens, puzzle, regional (Wales)
Dance Dance Dance Variety
Dance Factory Childrens
Dance Film Academy Variety
DanceX Variety, reality
Dancing on Ice Variety
Dancing on Wheels Variety
Dara Ó Briain: School of Hard Sums Educational
The Dare Devil Stunts and dares, family
Darling, What Have You Done to Your Hair? Stunts and dares
Darling You Were Marvellous Radio, panel game
Date My Daughter Dating
Date My Mom UK Dating
A Date With... Dating
A Date with Fate Lifestyle
Dating Hell Dating
Dating in the Dark Dating
Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply Comedy panel game
David Essex Showcase Variety
Dawns-tastig Dance, childrens, regional (Wales)
De Tha Seo? Puzzle
Deadline Reality
The Deadly Knowledge Show Quiz, general knowledge
Dealing Duel (see: Natural Born Dealers)
Dealing with Daniels Panel game, radio
Dealing with Dickinson Lifestyle
Deal or No Deal Family game show
Debatable Quiz, general knowledge
The Debbie King Show Phone-in, interactive, news
Decimate General knowledge quiz
Deck Dates Dating
Defectors Quiz, general knowledge
Definition Puzzle
Deg Jonathan Sports
Demolition Technological
Demolition Day Technological
The Department Score Radio, academic, themed quiz (music)
The Desert Forges Action/adventure
Design for Life Reality, creative
Design Wars Lifestyle
Desperately Seeking Sheila Dating, reality
The Devil's Dinner Party Decision Making
Dial-a-Date Dating
The Diamond Game Puzzle
Dianc Action and adventure, Wales
Dicing with Debt Quiz, academic
Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow Childrens
Dick and Dom's Hoopla Children's, variety
Dickinson's Real Deal Lifestyle
Dick 'n' Dom's Ask the Family Puzzle
Didn't They Do Well! Quiz, general knowledge
Diet on the Dancefloor Reality
Dig and Run Unclassified, regional (South West & Channel Islands)
Dilemma Radio panel game (ethics)
Dim I'w Wisgo Fashion and style, regional (Wales)
Dim Ond Un Quiz, travel, regional (Wales)
Dining Stars Lifestyle
Dinner Date Dating
Dirty Cows Dating
Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life Variety, reality
Dirty Money Quiz, general knowledge
Dirty Rotten Cheater Quiz, general knowledge
Disco Quiz, themed (music)
Disgyn I'r Haul Childrens
Dishes Lifestyle, dating
Distraction Stunt/dare show
Divided Quiz, general knowledge
Divine Inspiration Quiz, themed (religion)
Diwedd y Byd? Childrens, regional (Wales)
Do Fish Fart? Quiz, themed (science)
Do I Not Know That? Quiz, themed (football)
Do the Right Thing Panel game
Do You Trust Your Wife? Quiz, general knowledge
Does Doug Know? Comedy panel game (general knowledge)
Does the Team Think? Panel game
Dog's Chance Panel game
The Dog Ate My Homework Comedy panel game
Dog Eat Dog Family game show
Dogs Might Fly Animals
Dom & Kirk's Night O' Plenty (Dart In The Head) Quiz, themed (sport)
Domesday Detectives Educational
Donna in Need Stunt/dare show
Don't Ask Me Ask Britain Interactive panel game
Don't Blow the Inheritance Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Call Me Stupid Quiz, specialist subjects
Don't Drink the Water Quiz, themed (travel)
Don't Forget the Lyrics Quiz, themed (songs)
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Stunt/dare show
Don't Give Up Your Day Job Variety
Don't Hate the Playaz Comedy panel game (music)
Don't Make Me Laugh Radio, comedy panel game
Don't Quote Me Panel game
Don't Rock the Boat Reality
Don't Say a Word Panel game
Don't Say It, Bring It Scavenger hunt
Don't Scare the Hare Stunt/dare show
Don't Scream Horror, frights
Don't Sit in the Front Row Comedy, stunt/dare show
Don't Stop Believing Variety, reality
Don't Stop Me Now Variety, stunt/dare show
Don't Try This at Home! Stunt/dare show
Don't Try This at Home, Kids! Childrens
Don't Unleash the Beast Action/adventure, childrens
The Door Stunt/dare show
Dot Cym Comedy panel game, regional (Wales)
Dotto Puzzle
Double Cross Strategy
Double Dare Childrens
Double Entry Lifestyle, themed (sex)
Double Your Money Quiz, general knowledge
Down You Go Panel game
Dragons' Den Educational
Draw It! Puzzle, drawing
Draw Me Childrens
Drawers Off Art, life drawing
Dress to Impress Fashion, dating
Drive Motoring
Drive to Buy Lifestyle
Driving Force Sport
Driving Wars Stunt/dare show, motoring
The Drop Dead Show Lifestyle, educational
Drop the Celebrity Stunt/dare show
Drop Zone Action/adventure
Duck Quacks Don't Echo Comedy panel game
Dude, Where's My Movie Quiz? Quiz, themed (movies)
Duel Quiz, general knowledge
Dumped Reality
The Dylan Thomas Pub Quiz Radio, panel game (literature)
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