Down You Go



Marcus Dick

Roy Rich


BBC-tv, 1 January 1953 to 1954


Basically, a team version of hangman. Panellists guessed letters in turn. When a panellist guessed a letter that wasn't in the phrase, they were frozen out from guessing further letters with the words "Down you go!". Originally, fan-style screens were drawn in front of frozen-out panellists, but when the show was refreshed in April 1953, along with a new quizmaster there were now miniature cardboard heads of the panellists which were folded down to indicate when they were out.

Paul Jennings, Elizabeth Grey, Kenneth Horne and Patricia Cutts with cardboard heads of themselves

Panellists could also ask for general clues about the phrase to be guessed. Some clues were quite quirky - for instance, on the first programme, a phrase that dated from the reign of King Charles I was indicated by the appearance of a King Charles spaniel.


"Down you go!"


Based on a US format.


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