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J is for... Junior - There have been junior versions of many game shows, including Criss Cross Quiz, Mastermind, The Krypton Factor, Gladiators, Masterchef and the Eurovision Song Contest.


Title Genre
Jacpot Quiz, regional (Wales)
Jade's PA Reality
Jailbreak Action and adventure
Jazz Score Quiz, themed (music)
Jedward's Big Adventure Children's, travel
Jeopardy! Quiz, general knowledge
Jersey Knockout Quiz Quiz, regional (Channel Islands)
Jest a Minute Radio, comedy panel game
Jet Set Quiz, general knowledge
Jeux Sans Frontieres Action and adventure
Jewish Mum of the Year Lifestyle, reality
Jigsaw (1) Childrens
Jigsaw (2) Puzzle
Jo Brand's Great Wall of Comedy Comedy panel game (sitcoms)
Jo Brand's Hot Potatoes Comedy panel game
Joe Millionaire UK Reality
Jog Your Memory Radio, panel game (nostalgia)
Johnny Ball Games Family game show
The Johnny Vegas Gameshow Stunts and dares
The Joke Machine Childrens, comedy
Joker in the Pack Variety
Joker's Wild Comedy panel game (jokes)
Jon & Lucy's Odd Couples Relationships
Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz Rugby, regional (Wales)
Jon Snow's Very Hard Questions Quiz (general knowledge)
Josh Must Win Reality, hidden camera
Josh Widdicombe Will Make Your Life Better Comedy panel game, radio
Judgemental Quiz, general knowledge
Judgement Day Family game show
Juke Box Jury Panel game
The Jules and Lulu Show Lifestyle
Jumble Puzzle
Jump! Radio, panel game
The Jump Action and adventure
Jump Nation Childrens, sports
Jumpers for Goalposts Comedy panel game (football)
Jungle Run Childrens
Junior Apprentice Reality, business
Junior Bake Off Childrens, cookery
Junior Criss Cross Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Junior Eurovision Song Contest Variety, childrens
Junior Kick Start Sports
Junior Masterchef Lifestyle
Junior Masterfan Sport, regional (North West England)
Junior Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Junior Pot Black Sports
Junior Try for Ten Quiz, general knowledge
Junkyard Wars Technological
Just a Minute Panel game, radio
Just for Fun Radio, puzzle
Just the Two of Us Variety
Just Up Your Street Variety, regional (Wales)
Juvenile Competition Night Radio, variety, childrens
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