Joker in the Pack


Marti Caine


Action Time for BBC1, 22 May to 4 September 1992 (12 episodes in 1 series)


The late Marti may have been talented but she got a bad deal from the BBC really, as this and Your Best Shot (You Bet! meets Whatever You Want) were hardly great television.

This isn't even a proper gameshow really, more comedy show with a game element somewhere. Teams from pubs all over Britain would try and entertain the audience. Each team had two minutes to do as many jokes as they can, and after each joke the audience would quickly vote on if it was funny or not. If they voted it a 'hit' they'd score a point. If it was a 'miss' they don't, and that team member was also out of the game. When time ran out, or on the off chance that everybody was voted off that was the end, and when that happened the other team tried their luck. The team who scored the most won a lovely fake gold Joker trophy.

The rest of the show had various other kids and adults telling jokes, we would imagine. It also appeared a month after ITV's highly similar Only Joking with Bradley Walsh, but the BBC had a habit of taking ITV shows and then turning their version into a disaster (You've Been Framed!/Caught in the Act anyone?).


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