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R is for... Reveal - A sudden dramatic effect designed to induce a reaction in the contestant, audience and viewer. It describes (a) the revealing of a mystery prize, (b) the revealing of the game result, and (c) the revealing of someone who has been hidden by (e.g.) disguise.


Title Genre
The Race (1) Action/Adventure
The Race (2) Reality
Race Across the World Travel, reality
Radio Charades Radio, puzzle
Radio Clumps Radio, panel game
Radio Forfeits Radio, general knowledge quiz
Radio Revels Radio, themed quiz (music)
Radio 3 Christmas Quiz Radio, themed quiz (music)
Raise the Roof Quiz, general knowledge
The Railway Carriage Game Panel game
Ramsay's Best Restaurant Lifestyle, food
Random Choice Regional (Grampian) quiz
Rank the Prank Childrens, Stunt/dare show
The Rap Game UK Music, reality
Y Ras Sports quiz, Wales
Raven Childrens
The Raw Deal Regional (Scotland), language
Reactive Childrens
Ready or Not Family game show
Ready Steady Cook Lifestyle
Ready Steady Win Variety
Ready to Mingle Dating, lying
Real Craft Lifestyle, creative
Real Food Family Cookoff Lifestyle
Real Women Lifestyle
Reality Bites Comedy panel game
The Really Welsh Quiz Comedy panel game, Wales
Reborn in the USA Reality
Rebound General knowledge quiz
Recipe for Disaster Regional (Anglia), Lifestyle
Recipe for Success Lifestyle
Red Alert Family game show
Red Amber Green Childrens
Red or Black? Decision Making
Reflex Stunts and dares
Regional Round Childrens, radio
The Regionnaires Quiz, themed (local knowledge)
The Re-Inventors Technological
Relative Knowledge Quiz, general knowledge
Relatively Clever Family quiz
Relatively Speaking Family game show
Release the Hounds Horror, stunts and dares
Relentless Stunt/dare show
Relic - Guardians of the Museum Childrens
Remote Control Quiz, themed (popular culture)
Remotely Funny (1) Stunts
Remotely Funny (2) Stunts and webcams, childrens
The Renovation Game Lifestyle
Rent Free Family game show
Re-Play with Richard Osman Topical quiz
Rescue Robots Childrens
Resistance Stunt/dare show
The Restaurant Reality
Restaurant in Our Living Room Lifestyle
The Revelation Game Quiz, themed (biblical)
Revenge of the Egghead Quiz, general knowledge
Reversaword Puzzle
Revolution Sport, stunt/dare show
Rhannu Team competition, regional (Wales)
Rhestr General knowledge quiz, regional (Wales)
Rhod Gilbert's Growing Pains Comedy panel game
A Rhyme in Time Radio, panel game (poetry)
Richard Bacon's Beer & Pizza Club Comedy panel game
Richard Hammond's Blast Lab Childrens
Richard Osman's House of Games Panel game
The Right Notes in the Wrong Order Radio, panel game (music)
Right or Wrong? Radio, panel game
A Right Royal Quiz Themed quiz (royalty)
Risg Quiz
Rising Stars Variety talent contest
River Deep, Mountain High Action/adventure
Road Raja Action/adventure
Roast Battle Comedy panel game
Robot Wars Technological
Rock Around the Block Lifestyle, variety
Roland's Rat Race Childrens
Roll with It Quiz, themed (music)
Rolling in It Family game
Room 101 Comedy panel game
A Room with a Clue Quiz, themed (interior design)
Rosemary Shrager's School for Cooks Lifestyle, reality
Ross King Quiz, themed (news)
Rough Science Educational
Round Britain Quiz Radio, panel game
Round Europe Quiz Radio, panel game
Round the Houses Puzzle
The Roux Scholarship Reality, cookery
The Royal Welsh Show Pub Quiz Radio, agriculture
RTFP Radio, comedy panel game (news)
Run the Gauntlet Action/adventure
Run the Risk Childrens
Runaround Childrens
Runway Quiz, themed (geography)
RuPaul's Drag Race Reality
Russian Roulette Quiz, general knowledge
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