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Celebrity Masterchef (participant)

Does the Team Think?

Families at War

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! (participant)

Lucky Sexy Winners

Shooting Stars


Jim Moir, alias Vic Reeves, came up through the comedy circuit, picking up fellow-traveller Bob Mortimer along the way. Since their surreal stage show Big Night Out tranferred to Channel 4 in 1990, Vic and Bob have gone from strength to strength, with a string of hit sketch shows and semi-spoof game shows, and even an entertaining kitschy revival of 60s private eye romp Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). Jim also had a number one hit and released a very silly album, and has won plaudits for his paintings too.


He proposed to his second wife, former Stringfellows angel Nancy Sorrell, at 22 minutes past ten on 2nd February 2002, ie. 22:22 02/02/02.

His drawings appeared in the title sequence for the 1990s revival of Name That Tune.

He is co-founder, with Bob Mortimer and Shooting Stars producer Lisa Clark, of Pett Productions. As well as producing Vic 'n' Bob's own shows, the company also made the short-lived competitive variation on the Cash in the Attic concept, Star Sale.

Vic is credited with discovering both Matt Lucas and Simon Day.

Back in the 1980s, he once made the final three for a job as staff writer at Smash Hits but was felt to be "not funny enough".

Books / Tapes

Shooting Stars

Sun Boiled Onions


c/o PBJ Management, 7 Soho Street, London, W1D 3DQ

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