Radio 3 Christmas Quiz



Philip Hope-Wallace (1954), Fritz Spiegl (1955, 60), Denis Matthews (1956, 63, 65, 77, 79), Nigel Leigh Pemberton (1957), Norman Del Mar (1958, 69), Susan Bradshaw (1959), Roger Fiske (1962, 66), Arthur Hutchings (1964), Gerald Arbraham (1967), Bryan Magee (1970-3), William Mann (1975), Barrie Iliffe (1976, 82), Michael Oliver (1986-7), Bernard Keefe (1988), David Owen Norris (1989-90), Jeremy J Beadle (1991-4)


BBC Third Programme / Network Three / Radio 3, 27 December 1954 to 24 December 1994

(as Music Quiz to 1979, Christmas Quiz thereafter, except 1957 and 1975 as Opera Quiz)


Each christmas, one of the Third Programme's classical music buffs would set a quiz for the others. The tradition was kept up when Radio 3 replaced the old service in 1967.

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