Right or Wrong?



Clement Freud


BBC Radio 4, 11 August to 22 September 1971 (7 episodes)

BBC Radio 2, 20 April to 22 June 1972 (10 episodes)


Billed as "the game in which it's better to be wrong than right", whatever that means. One Radio Times write-up tells us "when Clement Freud asks a question the chances are that the outrageously wrong answer will score more points than the right one." Which isn't much more helpful, really.

We do at least know that the pool of panellists included John Cleese, Pete Murray, Sheila Hancock, André Melly, Anthea Askey, Willie Rushton, Jon Pertwee and Barbara Kelly, and that there was a "special guest" each week, who could be pretty much anybody, from Teddie Beverley of the Beverley Sisters to yachtsman Robin Knox-Johnson. Oh, and we know who the format inventor was.

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Ian Messiter


The other "special guests": Arthur Askey (whose daughter Anthea was a recurring panellist, but sadly wasn't on the same show as him!), Michael Crawford, Cyril Fletcher, Henry Cooper, Patrick Moore, Beryl Reid, Spike Milligan, Lord George-Brown, Raymond Baxter, Jack de Manio, Terence Alexander, Leslie Phillips, Bryan Forbes, Graham Hill, Denis Norden.


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