Just the Two of Us



Vernon Kay and Tess Daly


Trevor Nelson
Stewart Copeland
CeCe Sammy
Lulu (2006)
Tito Jackson (2007)


BBC One, 23 February 2006 to 7 January 2007 (14 episodes in 2 series)


Singing competition in which celebrities are paired up with professional singers and are voted off, night by night. Voting is done on a regional basis, and originally the second-lowest scorers each day were going to be sent to the region where they polled lowest in order to drum up support, though in the event this didn't happen.



Celebrity Singer
Sian Reeves (actress) Russell Watson (winners)
Matt Allwright (TV presenter) Jocelyn Brown
Mark Moraghan (Holby actor) Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten)
Nicky Campbell (presenter) Beverley Knight
Chris Fountain (Hollyoaks actor) Jo O'Meara
Gaby Roslin (presenter) Martin Fry (ABC)
Fiona Bruce (newsreader) Alexander O'Neal
Penny Smith (presenter) Curtis Stigers


Celebrity Singer
Hannah Waterman (EastEnders) Marti Pellow (Wet Wet Wet) (winners)
Luke Bailey (Casualty) Natasha Hamilton (Atomic Kitten)
Brendan Cole (Strictly Come Dancing) Beverley Knight
Julia Bradbury Tony Christie
John Bardon (EastEnders) Jocelyn Brown
Mark Butcher (cricketer) Sarah Brightman
Gregg Wallace (Masterchef) Carol Decker (T'pau)
Janet Ellis Alexander O'Neal


In the first series, Russell Watson was a late replacement for Rick Astley, who pulled out just before transmission. Russell himself had to pull out of the second series, leaving Loui Batley (Hollyoaks) without a partner.


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