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One third of the longest-running Blue Peter team ever (alongside Peter Purves and John "Go With" Noakes), and still probably best known for using a lot of "sticky-backed plastic", having her blouse ripped by an over-amorous gorilla that time, for nearly coming seriously unstuck while being winched off Bishop's Rock Lighthouse and also for conducting a very moving interview with Otto Frank, the father of the famous teenage diarist Anne Frank. She left the programme in 1979 in order to look after her husband, who had Multiple Sclerosis. Apparently, she's now running a smallholding in France, rather than still living in a hole on Arg, as some may have hitherto believed.


She appears in Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different - she's the woman whose husband is taken away by the "baby snatchers" at the end of the "Hell's Grannies" sketch.

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