Drawers Off



Jenny Eclair

Narrator: Martin O'Byrne (2022)


Diana Ali (2021, art consultant only 2022)


Multistory Media North and Motion Content Group for Channel 4, 1 March 2021 to 24 June 2022 (40 episodes in 2 series, 2022 as Drawers Off: The Big Naked Painting Challenge)


Amateur artists turn their hand to life drawing. They take turns to disrobe and model while the rest of the group paints them. Best artist - as judged by the model - wins a cash prize. The same group remains with us all week.

The artists are amateur, hobbyists, doing it for fun. We don't get art as good as Portrait Artist of the Year, though there are little hints and tips for the aspiring life artist. There wasn't that much nudity in the first series, which undermined half the gimmick of the show, but such are the perils of a teatime commission, where you can't show those bits, or those bits, and you certainly can't air that.

The second series gained a superfluous subtitle, The Big Naked Painting Challenge. Diana Ali was absent, for no adequately explained reason, but remained in the credits as an Art Consultant. The show gained a Dave Lamb, in the form of Martin O'Byrne, also listed in the credits as Series Director, who we would politely suggest thinks is funnier than he is. Professional life models were used, presumably to reduce the risk of drawers not being able to sit still, and drawers rated their competitors' art out of ten - with the model breaking the tie if necessary.

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Watercolour Challenge, a more sedate daytime show where everyone kept their clothes on.


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