Do You Trust Your Wife?



Bob Monkhouse


Co-host: "Not forgetting Denis Goodwin"

Escorts: Jean Clarke, Shirley Ann Field


ATV for ITV, 18 September 1956 to 12 March 1957 (26 episodes in 1 series)


The first of Monkhouse's many quiz shows. Married couples took part in this knock-out competition for the top prize of £2 a week for one year (or, er, £104). Contestants would be asked "Would you like to answer this one yourself, or do you trust your wife to answer it?"

In 1957, it was reversioned as Bury Your Hatchet.


Presented by arrangement with Don Fedderson. It was based on a US game show hosted by Johnny Carson.


Denis Goodwin was Bob Monkhouse's comedy writing partner.

Hostess Shirley Ann Field appeared on a game show many years later as guardian of the dictionaries on series 27 and 28 of Countdown.

To apply for audience tickets, write to: Ticket Controller, ATV, TV House, London, WC2 with stamped addressed envelope. Oh, and invent a time machine.


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