Don't Say It, Bring It



Jason Byrne


Stellify Media for Dave, 13 to 24 November 2017 (20 episodes in 1 series)


The UKTV press office said,

The gameshow [sic] challenges people to bring back the answer, but not to say it, in return for Jason's cash prizes. Based on an original Spanish format from Phileas Productions, Don't Say It, Bring It will be produced by Stellify Media.

Don't Say It, Bring It will be filmed across the UK including - Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Western-super-Mare and Whitby. Each unpredictable episode will see an ebullient Jason and crew pitch up in a new town in search of willing participants. Armed with a loud hailer and a small on-screen crew, Jason will pick players - they can choose to play alone, in pairs or in a group.

Jason Byrne explains further:

It's the best indoor outdoor gameshow I've ever worked on... I loved giving away cash to the great British public on the streets - up with this sort of thing! Don't Say It, Bring It: they didn't say it and they brought it. Apart from the ones who said it and didn't bring it. £50 to bring back a walking stick, £100 for a contact lens, £250 for a butcher named Tom - this show is so easy it's impossible!

The show offers a double-or-nothing option: you can take £50 for the first item, or play on towards £100, £250, £500, and a top prize of £1000 for all five items. Fail on any challenge, and you'd leave with nothing.

Anybody want to play?

We reckon the idea could be an interesting segment in a longer show - the sort of light entertainment Noel's House Party or Don't Forget Your Toothbrush would have loved. Jason tries to make Don't Say It, Bring It feel like a bunch of friends having a lark, and very nearly achieved this comfortable familiarity.

But once we've seen the game played once, we don't really need to see it again. A 30-minute show is the limit of our patience, and we were surprised that UKTV aired two shows back-to-back.


Phileas Productions - here's the original pitch from 2012.


The format's already been huge internationally, particularly as Wer's bringt, gewinnt in German-speaking markets, and No lo digas, tráelo in Spain.

The show aired two episodes a weekday over the course of two weeks, replaced by the execrable You've Been Framed! clone The Hurting the following week. Dave showed so little confidence in this one that they were advertising the other one before any episode of this show had even aired. Ouch!

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