Dealing with Daniels



Paul Daniels


Regular panellists included: Patrick Moore, Hilary O'Neill, Duggie Brown


BBC Radio 2, 28 December 1982 to 4 April 1989 (58 episodes in 7 series)


Oh-ho! Enjoyable trivia quiz played with three celebrities, a revamped version of Fair Deal from the 1970s.

Daniels had a pack of question cards using 7s through Aces, on each there being a general knowledge question. Each suit related to a particular category, with Clubs always being Pot Luck. Cards were worth 1 point (for 7, 8, 9, 10), 2 points (for court cards) or 3 points for Aces.

Players asked for a card and attempted to answer the question thereon. However, it was also a game of memory because if they already asked for a card that had already been used, Paul would sound a very large hooter and the player would automatically lose the point value of that question and have to go again. The suits had to be nominated in strict order. Because there were three panellists and four suits, they soon got muddled up as to which cards had gone. Or, to put it another way, it stopped the panellists relying on remembering just one suit. Sometimes the player could lose shedloads of points in one turn towards the end of the game, asking for a number of previously used cards.

He's an "ace" host: Paul Daniels

The panelists could also use a Joker once each during the show which wiped out any minuses incurred to that point. Therefore, it was best to play it as late as possible. However, the catch was that, according to Mr Daniels, the clocks in the studio were all covered up and contestants watches removed, so that they didn't know how long was left. June Whitfield had an almost psychic knack of playing her joker at the last minute.

If the contestants thought that all the cards had gone, they could do so for a 10 point bonus but if they were wrong it would cost them a penalty point for each card remaining.

Patrick Moore, who was a regular guest on the previous incarnation, usually won.


"It's still here"


Ian Messiter

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