Ian Gwyn Hughes


Tina Sparkle


Ceidiog Cyf for S4C, 1 March 2011


A comedy panel game, poking fun at all things Welsh, in Welsh, broadcast to the Welsh. On St David's Day.

The rounds were:

  • A Child's Play variant in which film was shown of adult Welsh speakers trying to define an unusual Welsh word, the studio teams being asked to identify the word.
  • Three members of the public are in the studio, all claiming to be the cousin of Brothers and Sisters actor Matthew Rhys. The panellists attempt to work out who's telling the truth by way of yes/no questions. Essentially, it's Tell the Truth.
  • The teams are given an English word and asked to make up a new Welsh word for it.
  • Each panellist is given the name of a Welsh celebrity and asked to make a case for that person replacing St David as patron saint of Wales.

A round about Welsh myths and legends was mentioned in the publicity but didn't make the final edit.


The title is a reference to the long-running and ultimately unsuccessful campaign to get .cym assigned as a top level domain for Wales. By the time this programme was aired, the domain had actually been assigned to the Cayman Islands.

Did we learn anything from this show? Why yes, thanks for asking: thanks to an off-the-cuff gag by panellist Tony Llewelyn, we learned that "jeans" and "genes" are both the same in Welsh as they are in English, so a pun on those words in one language will translate into the other. That's a useful thing to know, isn't it?


The studio set.
Team Leeks: Donna Edwards, Glyn Wise and Ceri Phillips
Team Daffs: Eirlys Bellin, Nia Medi and Tony Llewelyn
Wales' answer to Lily Savage, Tina Sparkle
One of these people is related to an actor in a big US drama series. It's the guy on the left.


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