Drop the Celebrity



Mark Durden-Smith and Jenni Falconer


ITV2 coverage (Drop the Celebrity: 'Chuting Stars): Matt Brown


LWT for ITV1/2, 28 June and 25 August 2003 (2 episodes + 1 unaired)


Six celebrities (and six too many parachutes) got into a plane which ascended to several thousand feet. Here, king of the spin-off show Mark Durden-Smith would encourage them to argue amongst themselves who was the 'better' celebrity, Mark Durden-Smith not included.

Down beneath them, a large mat featuring the faces of all six celebrities was laid out on the ground. A huge audience of adults and children were periodically invited to assemble themselves Runaround-style on the faces to decide who should be eliminated from the game, based on how well the celebrities in question were coming across to them. The weakest celebrity would then be made to parachute from the plane back to Earth.

Image:Dropthecelebrity.jpgFive D-list celebs, plus Ian MacCaskill

The game continued until only one celebrity remained. This celebrity was given £10,000 for charity, but was given a chance to add another £5,000 to that if they were prepared to jump for the hell of it.

Quite why this had to be done with celebrities, we're not sure. Quite why this had to be done at all, we're not sure. It might have worked slightly better with civilians (or even with an added quiz element), but we're positive you can figure out how good it was considering that three episodes were filmed and only two of them made it to air.

Key moments

Cheryl Baker taking the showbiz maxim literally and actually breaking her leg. Which the show made much currency out of, cynically.


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