Alan Davies



The Best Show in the World... Probably (team captain)

Fighting Talk (guest host)

Guessable (team captain)

Outsiders (participant)

QI (permanent panellist)

Show Me the Funny (judge)

Taskmaster (participant)


Stand-up comic successively famous for (i) advertising what was then a well-known building society, (ii) playing the windmill-dwelling magic-consultant-turned-sleuth Jonathan Creek, and (iii) getting most of the wrong answers on QI.


As well as the amateur sleuth in Jonathan Creek, he's played a policeman in Agatha Christie's Marple, a barrister in The Brief and a murder suspect in Lewis. The last of these was in an episode titled "Your Sudden Death Question", in which he played the organiser and questionmaster of a quizzers' convention at which two of the attendees get murdered. Well of course they do, because that's what tends to happen when you hold an event in Oxford - have none of these people ever seen Inspector Morse?

Outside of legal dramas, he also starred in the restaurant sitcom Whites, and given half a chance definitely will complain about the fact that it was axed after one series.

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