Rob Jones (now known as Rob Brydon)


Mark Wordley Productions for BBC Wales, 2 January to 5 March 1988 (10 episodes)


Two teams of Welsh people answer questions about Wales and identify other Welsh people in an attempt to demonstrate that out of all Welsh people, they are the particular Welsh people who know most about Wales. Not in Welsh, though.

The frenzied crowd looks on

Questions revolved around general knowledge, Welsh towns and mystery voices; the board game tactics required the contestants to 'invade' parts of Wales, hence the title.

The map of counties, before they were all restructured into meaningless nonsense

Notable for being hosted by a tyro Rob Brydon under his real surname.

Rob Brydon Jones


Rather inconventiently considering the subject matter, Brydon/Jones struggled with pronouncing Welsh place names. In particular, it took several takes and arguments with the floor manager before he was able to get this question in the can: Which famous Welshman was born in Glyndyfrdwy? The answer is, of course, Owain Glynd┼Ár.


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