I'm Famous and Frightened!



Series 1: Tim Vincent and Brian Dowling

Series 2-3: Keith Chegwin

Series 4: Claire Sweeney


Scream Films for LivingTV, 12 March 2004 to 7 February 2005 (12 episodes in 4 series)


Cashing in on the phenomenal success of their very own paranormal programming (mainly Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding) and I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! on ITV1, LivingTV decide to send eight celebrities to a run down castle for a long weekend to try and determine if it's haunted or not. Meanwhile they get voted out over the weekend by the watching public.

The main show was on live for three hours a night which was when the main "experiments" took place. Usually one or two celebs would go into a room and then tell the awaiting audience what it felt like. Host Tim Vincent would get excited if any "orbs" were picked up by the infra red cameras (specks of fast moving light).

There were four series, the first three all within a year. The first one was on Halloween, and the next two were on long weekends thoughout the year. Keith Chegwin who was a contestant in the first one hosted the second and third series.

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