It's Tough at the Top



Charlotte Hindle and Ross King


BBC North West for BBC1, 21 April to 15 September 1990 (approx. 22 episodes in 1 series, as part of The 8.15 from Manchester)


Before The Wetter the Better took hold, this show played out as a giant 3-D board game. Two teams of two kids played, one on the board structure and one answering questions and stopping the flashing dice light. Players zig-zagged up the board but at the end of each row was a slide. The teammate in control of the dice then had to stop the flashing light, if an even number came up then the kid was safe, if an odd number came up then they'd have to slide into a pool of gunge. Then the teammates would swap over on the board. The aim was to get to the top. Other squares on the board included Challenges, which advanced them one square if they managed to successfully complete the challenge.

The winners were presented with medium-sized prizes and were then given the opportunity to gamble for more or fewer prizes by giving the dice one last press. The losers ended up in the pool of gunge as they were sent down the slide one final time.


"Iiiiiit's tough at the top!" (no kidding)


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