Incredible Edible Challenge





Chef: Yoshinari Yamamoto


One More Productions for Challenge, 22 December to ? 2003


Cheap filler item in which a couple of Japanese chefs cook various unusual items (fried locusts, sheep's eyeballs, cow's lips - not to be confused with cowslips - that sort of thing) in a mobile kitchen. A young woman identified only as "Lorna" wanders around, trying to persuade members of the public to try these (in)delicacies, and the members of the public either eat them, or don't eat them... and that's it.

To be honest, it's not much of a game show - and indeed not much of a show, full stop. One of the UKGS staffers had to set the video for 4.55am to catch it (airing just ahead of an immensely dull infomercial for skin cream), quite possibly the first and last time anyone has ever watched it out of choice. This is a show that Wikipedia will never consider "notable". Out of a billion people connected to the world wide web, not a single one has bothered to compile an episode guide, or even, it would seem (this entry aside) actually acknowledge its existence in any way. The British Film Institute holds no episodes in trust for the nation. It is a phantom show, almost completely devoid of substance, flitting about on minor cable channels in the middle of the night to no effect whatsoever. When its last repeat run comes to an end and it finally vanishes from our screens, no-one will care, or remember.

But it's still better than Never Mind the Full Stops. Boom Boom!


Incredible Edible Challenge was the last programme shown on Ftn before it closed down for good. This is the way a low-budget digital channel ends - not with a bang but a whimper.


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