Anything You Can Do



Ed Stewart (original host)

Chris Kelly


Not known


Granada for ITV, 30 April 1969 to 9 July 1974 (56 episodes in 5 series)


Thanks to our friends at TV Cream for digging out details of this one. Apparently this was a pan-country talent contest for youngsters (10-16) with a knockout element, so you might have Tyne Tees playing against Anglia.

It wasn't just singing - the little blighters could be awful at dancing, music, acting, painting or, gawd help us, poetry. There was some kind of general knowledge quiz element in there too. After the 14 weeks of heats (14!) have flown by, the winning team gets an all-expense paid weekend in Paris. Unfortunately, the parents come too.

Judges included top pop group (it says here) The Scaffold. Others lined up for jury duty in the 1970 series were The Paper Dolls, comedian Mike Yarwood, singer Lou Christie, Ayshea Brough, and Brian Bennett and Hank Marvin from the Shadows. The winning team in that series got a trip to Paris for some reason or other.


1969: Border Television

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