Bingo Night Live



Melinda Messenger
Michael Underwood
Jayne Sharp
Anthony Crank

Jenny Powell
Mike Toolan


Statisician Controller: Nichola Dixon

Astrologer: Russell Grant


ITV Productions in association with A2 Media Group for ITV1, 4 June to 15 November 2008 (99 episodes in 2 series)


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Less than six months after ITV Play took their leave, the once-favourite button of this kingdom returned to what it did worst - participation television.

This time, it was in the form of an hour-long bingo session, based on an idea tried out in America a year previously that failed to spark attention (but come on, someone must remember the home bingo game within Lucky Numbers, don't they?)

Following the 0898-gate debacle, ITV plc claimed that they listened to the complaints and thus made all of the games featured in Bingo Night Live free.

So, why didn't they respond further to the claims by not commissioning this show at all?


STV in Northern and Central Scotland never screened this programme, reportedly owing to a disagreement with ITV plc over revenue.

One show failed to appear owing to a power outage at Quay Street, leaving viewers with Creature Comforts and TV's Hardly Naughty But Hey, They Say The F Word In Most Clips and It Provides Work For Neil Morrissey, Blunders...or something like it.

If you live in Granadaland, the name of Nichola Dixon might sound familiar. She is in fact a former weather presenter for the BBC's North West Tonight. Actually, if you live in BBC North West Tonight land...

Sponsored by ITV Casino.

The games themselves were operated by The Gaming Channel, a subsidary of Mirada plc.


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