Bradley Walsh



All Star Cup (roving reporter and participant)

Beat the Chasers

Blankety Blank

Cash Trapped

The Chase

Come on Down! The Game Show Story

For the Rest of Your Life (non-broadcast pilot)

Keep It in the Family

Maestro (participant)

Midas Touch

No. 1 Soap Fan

Odd One In

Only Joking

Play to the Whistle (team captain)

Shoot the Messenger

Spin Star

Sport Addicts

Take Off

Wheel of Fortune

You Must be Joking


A sometime professional footballer (for Brentford FC), Bradley Walsh is known for his energetic presenting style. He has also had some success as an actor, appearing in Coronation Street, Law and Order: UK and Doctor Who, as well as presenting a show on Capital FM and doing live stand-up.

Since 2009, he has been host of ITV's teatime quiz The Chase, where 99% of his job is to avoid cracking up at rude names.


He did a US pilot for a show called Snakes and Ladders and, in a famous out-take, ended up on his 'arris after going down a huge slide on a mat.

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