Buzz and Tell



"Walter Flipstick"


Voice cast: Karl Wooley, Rebecca Courtney, Keith Wickham


Impossible Kids for Cbeebies on BBC Two, 9 August 2010 to 25 January 2011 (52 episodes in 2 series)


Shout-out-the-answers puppet show for preschoolers. Each five-minute episode included a missing words question (example question: "Cars and lorries drive on the... what?"), picture question, numbers question (Five birds are in a tree. Two fly away, how many are left?), a sound effect question, and sometimes a general knowledge question at the end.

Your host, Dick Strawbridge Walter Flipstick

Lots of incorrect answers (and usually a further clue) would be given before getting to the correct one, providing young viewers with plenty of opportunity to get there first.

Melanie Wiggles, Karl, Henrietta Peck, Charles Cheese and Mr. Biscuits


Jon Doyle

Theme music

Richard Taylor


This was the first production by Impossible Kids. Its parent company Impossible Pictures is best known for the CGI-enhanced sci-fi drama Primeval.

The second series included a Christmas special which was never repeated, in which Walter Flipstick won!


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