Emlyn Hughes
Anneka Rice (1989)
Anna Soubry (1990 special)


Central for ITV, 20 May 1989 to 29 December 1990 (7 episodes in 1 series + 1 special)


Quite good Army game show. Eight regiments would be paired off and then tested on various Army things, the assault course, shooting, carrying dolls over barbed wire fences whatever.

They'd carry on with this until the end game which would be a fake mission or something normally involving a huge blow-up-the-building style scenario.

In the semi-finals, the teams had to travel through a dense wood in which four booby-traps (tripwires et al) had been laid. Every time a trap was tripped, the action froze, the screen went to a negative picture and the tripping team member was eliminated from the rest of the round. Yipe!

In the final, there was an event which included a long drive. One of the teams' trucks overturned and indeed may have even caused injury to one of the drivers.


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