Darling, What Have You Done to Your Hair?



Tom Read Wilson


Sharp Jack and Initial for E4, 21 February 2021


Two friends arrive. One of them is the contestant, and they will leave with a new haircut, that much is certain. The contestant could leave with the hairstyle of their dreams and a large wodge of money. Their friend will choose a forfeit cut, something outlandish and unsuitable - usually involving hair dye and/or unorthodox buzzcuts.

The contestant sits in the hairdresser's chair, and answers three this-or-that questions. A wrong answer deducts £100 from their £500 cash pot. But the contestant only wins the cash if they get The Hair Raiser right - a this-that-or-t'other question.

Before revealing the result of the quiz, our contestant is given a haircut by a professional stylist. But is it the barnet they chose, or the forfeit picked by their mate? And what will their reaction be? Does Tom get an excuse to declaim the title?

Tom Read Wilson, the impossibly well-spoken thespian, presents with his usual barbed wit; there's also a narration by an uncredited voiceover.

Darling, What Have You Done to Your Hair? was developed for Channel 4's online arm, and it's best suited to online - snackable little stories, told from start to finish in about seven minutes. While the execution is too edgy for Stephen Mulhern, the idea could nestle in a frivolous games compendium like In for a Penny.


Amanda Wilson and Elliot Johnson


The show was produced for E4's online presence, and went out on television just the once - at 10.25 on a Sunday morning.

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