Design for Life



Adam Buxton


Philippe Starck (mentor and judge)


Twofour for BBC Two, 14 September to 19 October 2009 (6 episodes in 1 series)


The Apprentice clone set in Paris, centred around commercial design.

Twelve young design talents are selected to spend time in Paris, where Philippe Starck asks them to think about design, then demonstrate that knowledge. Much of the series was taken up by the design cycle of a new product - from a fuzzy initial brief through technical drawings to models and a working prototype.

The series was criticized from all quarters - professional designers were annoyed that their specialist area was presented in a fluffy manner, and that Starck didn't live up to his own ideals. Starck himself was annoyed in the way the show was edited, and the viewing public turned off in droves, with episodes attracting less than a million viewers.


Ilsa Parry

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