Do the Right Thing



Terry Wogan


Action Time for BBC1, 5 March 1994 to 2 May 1995 (14 episodes in 2 series)


El Tel, three guests and a very unconvincing starfield
The panel.

This was surprisingly enjoyable and pretty much came from nowhere. A drama concerning moral dilemmas was split into four parts. Between each part El Tel would ask the three panellists (which, in the early series, always included Frank Skinner before he started asking for £20million appearance fees) what they'd do in the situation.

Just one psychological drama after another
Oh, what a dilemma

Then was the good part and one that always went surprisingly well given that it was a live show. The overall question throughout the entire show would be something like "Should Jill dump her boyfriend?" and the audience would be invited to "vote with their feet" to either the 'YES' or 'NO' section of the seats. Of course, the audience would be full of people who just wanted to be on the telly so if the whole audience went for 'Yes' they'd always be one person who'd go for 'No' just so he can make up a stupid excuse when Terry goes and asks "Why?" to the audience.

They're positive.

Anyway, the drama twists and turns and the opinions of the audience change but in the end it is up to us, the viewers to decide the outcome by way of - yes! - a five minute telephone vote. Whichever answer got the highest percentage would be the ending that played out the episode because they had filmed two endings, the other one would never be seen by anybody. "I hope you can live with yourselves..."

Vote now!
Terry impersonates Shirley Bassey, for reasons we cannot even begin to contemplate

So, Jackson and Livingstone it's not but there were enough humour and twists and turns in the plot to make it interesting and entertaining. It lasted two series.

Never liked her, anyway.
Let's celebrate with cake


Produced in association with TV Globo Network, Brazil

Theme music

Going Going Gone by Simon Etchell.


Russell T. Davies was one of the writers.


A lovely aerial shot of the studio.
Why oh why oh why oh why oh why...


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