First Past the Post



Gabby Logan

Becky Wicks


Carlton for ITV1 Wales (HTV), 17 February to 31 March 2003


Regional reality show, a follow-up to Presenters.

This time, the aim was to find a independent candidate for the Welsh Assembly elections. Think of a proto-Vote for Me, except less controversial. Gabby Logan returned to present (albeit only appearing the start and finish of each audition show). Becky Wicks (the winner of Presenters) fronted the audition episodes and the final.


Several finalists in this series returned to provide analysis for Wales Decides 2003, HTV's all-night results programme.

Produced within ITV Wales' current affairs department by Lynn Courtney - probably one of the few such programmes to be produced by people more used to investigating DIY frauds or something.


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