Flour Power



Ken Stott (narrator)


Nichola Reith (resident judge)


Raise the Roof for BBC Scotland, 5 June to 7 August 2019 (10 episodes in 1 series)


Four people who live or work together compete to produce the best cakes they can.

Unlike certain other baking shows, each episode is a one-off challenge, and the foursome have free range to make whatever cake they want. And because the contestants know each other - through work, or living in the same village - there's a certain level of relationship already in place.

We follow the bakers around their homes as they gather ingredients, prepare their creation, and talk about what it means to them. Part of Flour Power is the emotional connection, how a baklava isn't just scrumptious but also a link to a distant homeland.

Nichola Reith is the resident judge, joined by a local cafe owner for each episode. They taste the food, and declare a winner.

Ken Stott's narration knows when to explain something, and also knows when to keep quiet and let the contenders make their own points. Don't expect the sarcastic voiceover from Come Dine with Me.

Flour Power is gentle competition, and can remind us of the little threads that hold society together. It's also got some lovely cakes.

Theme music

Giles Lamb, credited as "composer".


After a run on the BBC Scotland channel, Flour Power was repeated on BBC One across the network, straight after Saturday Kitchen.

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