Hangar 17



Mickey Hutton


BBC1, 10 January 1992 to 29 March 1994 (32 episodes in 3 series)


Children's variety show filmed on one of the most impressive studio sets ever made.

Filled with music, comedy sketches and magic, the show also had a couple of game show elements depending which series it was.

The first game show feature was called Battle of the Bands where two unsigned bands go head to head and then the audience, in the same vein as Opportunity Knocks, have to cheer which one they like the most and the winner gets to perform again at the end of the show.

The second game show feature was called Taking the Mickey where contestants go head to head in a series of games and whoever gets the highest score wins a jacket, but they gamble that jacket for the chance to gamble and play for the mystery prize where they can either win between a cabbage or a computer if they get a question correct, if they get it wrong, they lose the jacket they just won.

There were a few more game show elements, but we don't know what they were called or how long they lasted. So, if you know any more game show elements that appeared on Hangar 17, let us know in the feedback below.

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Theme music

Martin Cook

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