House of Astonishment



Rob Rouse


Monkey and Click for Channel 5, 7 October to 25 November 2002


An alternative talent show for people with decidedly alternative talents. For example, the running order for one show included "a man who has memorised the barcodes of every tinned item in his local supermarket, a human trumpet, a man who puts clothes pegs on his neck and face, a woman who can turn her arms and feet 180 degrees, a man who attempts to juggle eight tennis balls with his mouth, and a man who can recognise any lawnmower by the sound of its engine". And the standard was certainly consistent across the series, with such unique acts as a man who cut the bottoms off bottles with his bare hands, a "human chopping board", a man who memorised where everyone in the audience lost their virginity and with whom, a "lard sculptor", a man who played "Amazing Grace" on a cheeseplant, and a man who put rats down his pants. The winning acts went through to the grand final, and how grand a final that must have been.

We get the impression that Channel 5's drive to go upmarket hadn't quite kicked in at this point.


Working title: The Amazing People Show.

Theme music

Composed by Dime A Dozen.


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