Hunt the Pie


Liz Kershaw


Granada (regional), 8 March to 31 May 1993 (13 episodes in 1 series)


Short-lived local quiz show involving schools in Granadaland, broadcast in the post-CITV, pre-ITN News slot.

Contestant James Spencer fills us in:

I was on this show. It used 2 students from each school (4th years I seem to remember). You moved around a grid trying to uncover "pies", and then had to answer a question. Whoever had most points went onto the prize round, where the same format was used, except uncovering a pie and answering the question won you a prize. From memory, I won a clock radio, book vouchers and some other small stuff. Turns out Liz Kershaw couldn't read a autocue or remember people's names at all.


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