I'm an Aussie... Get Me Out of Here!



Mark Durden-Smith


The Bush Panel consisting of Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, Phil Tufnell and Bob the Medic


ITV2, December 2004


For many reality shows, there's often a week's run through with 'guinea pigs' (normally people who weren't quite good enough for the main show) so that the production company can test and fine tune the set and the various challenges and surprises that would await the main competitors.

This time round, the show is I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! and in what we reckon to be a bit of a first, they're broadcasting this run through week as a standalone show with Durden-Smith taking Ant and Dec's role. And the contestants are all Australians, and most of the humour in the show comes from, well, ripping the Michael out of stupid Australians.

Because the show is recorded, rather than the viewers deciding who does the bushtucker trials and voting out, the Bush Panel decide amongst themselves.

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