I Can Do That


Simon O'Brien (original host)

Bruno Brookes


ITV, 1991


Work experience is cheap labour and whilst it's useful, everyone hates it because everyone wants something cool like 'computer games tester' or 'journalist' and instead get to do 'bin collecting' or 'boring admin work'. However, what if you got the chance to do something interesting like photography or working on a telly show? Well for three lucky, lucky kids they might get a chance to do that thanks to CITV's very own version of the YTS scheme... I Can Do That!

There was probably a bit more then what we're about to outline but this is all we can remember. Each week had a different profession.

The first round we remember was a quiz which had multiple choice answers with all the questions relating to the job they could be doing. Each of the three kids got a certain amount and the last one was always a 'what does this strange object do?' kind a of thing.

The other main bit as far as we can remember was an actual practical assignment, such as photographing models and such like. The results would then be judged by a resident celebrity associated with the job (we're not just talking your normal B-list celebs, we had the heights of people like Dave Lee Travis pop in on occasions!) and a final score settled on therein.

The kid with the most points got to step through the magic dry-ice filled door and be transported through to their job through the magic of television. And we'll see how they get on too. So 'fun' and 'educational' then. The losers we presume got their Jobseeker's Allowance taken away. Perhaps surprisingly or perhaps not, this lasted a good few series actually. The nearest equivalent these days would probably be 'Bob The Builder' but that's obviously quite limited.


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