It's Going to Penalties



James Nesbitt


Team captains: David Ginola, Shane Warne and Jodie Kidd


Objective Productions for Sky 1, Recorded 5 October 2009 (non-broadcast pilot)


In Autumn 2009, Sky 1 piloted two sports panel shows. It's Going to Penalties and A League of Their Own. Although neither pilot was actually broadcast, the latter was commissioned for a full series which aired in Spring 2010, with a second series airing in Autumn of the same year, and a third in 2011. It's Going to Penalties on the other hand hasn't been spoken of since. From what little information we can find on the internet from those who attended the recording of the pilot, it may be for the best that it never saw the light of day, with the rounds being described as 'boring', and the host and team captains both being less than at ease in their positions.

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