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Veteran DJ who claimed to have invented the concept of playing rock-and-roll records to a room of young people, while waiting for the next live band to come on. Best known for hosting Top of the Pops (including the very first show) and granting wishes to children and pensioners on Jim'll Fix It. He also put Stoke Mandeville special hospital on the map thanks to his charity marathon runs. He died in his native Leeds on 29 October 2011, two days before his 85th birthday; only after his death did it emerge that Savile had been a serial sex offender.


He was drafted as a Bevin Boy to work down the coal mines during WWII.

Once made a cameo appearance during the 2006 run of Celebrity Big Brother.

Savile also very memorably appeared on "When Louis (Theroux) Met Jimmy".

He was teetotal.

According to producer Cecil Korer, Savile's first game show Quiz Bingo "ended after one series because I was told that the chairman was too vulgar for the BBC, and that he had no future on television."

Probably his best-known catchphrase is, "How's about that then, guys and gals?" which he uttered on many occasions, but especially on 'Jim'll Fix It', on which he also used to regularly say, "Do you think he/she deserves a 'Jim'll Fix It' badge?". Other phrases included "Now then, now then" and "As it happens", the latter becoming the title of his autobiography.

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