Jeff Stevenson


Anglia for ITV, 12 March 1991 to 4 September 1992 (56 episodes in 2 series)


Word game hosted by professional warm-up man, Jeff Stevenson.

Contestants had to unscramble various anagrams on a theme. Letters on red spaces in the solution are transferred over to a larger master board which contains a long saying. A cartoon also illustrated the key phrase.

Well hosted and jolly enough, but it was really painful to watch when the contestants couldn't solve simple five-letter anagrams. I know it's always harder than it looks on TV but really...


Based on the unsold US pilot of the same name created by Bill Hillier and developed by Ronnie Greenberg.


The first series aired on Tuesday to Friday afternoons at 2.50pm in the spring schedules and the second series aired on Monday to Friday mornings at 9.25am during the school holidays just after TV-am had finished. For more, we have a complete guide to ITV's 9.25 shows.

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