Life's a Punt



Paul Ross


Bookmaker: Ozzie Osman


L!ve TV, 1999


Paul Ross goads two members of the public into betting imaginary money on a number of pre-filmed outcomes. Ozzie the bookmaker offered (unusually generous) odds on his blackboard for the various possibilities.

Image:Lifesapunt bookie.jpgOzzie's odds board

Strangely, an identical format called Stupid Punts went out on BBC3 a few years later. It's not known whether the format was resold or whether it's a "coincidence".

Image:Lifesapunt contestants.jpgContestants with their "wallets"

As L!ve's shows went, this was one of the better but less outrageous formats.

Image:Lifesapunt paulross.jpgThat shirt in full


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