Mark Lamarr



The Big Breakfast

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Shooting Stars (team captain)


Swindonian stand-up comic. He became known to TV audiences through his appearances on Shooting Stars. He still does stand-up, and also produced the sitcom 15 Stories High under his real name Mark Jones. Between 1998 and 2010 he was a Radio 2 regular, presenting specialist shows on rock'n'roll and reggae.


Once blocked the writer of the excellent Jordan Writes About Stuff blog on Twitter (and it is Twitter) for, so far as we can tell, not getting his episodes of Buzzcocks. Come on mate, you're better than that.

Books / Tapes

Live at Club Class (audio cassette)

Web links

Wikipedia entry

Internet Movie Database entry

Unofficially Mark Lamarr (archived pages)


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