Mind Games (2)



Simon Singh (original host)

Prof. Marcus du Sautoy


Team captains Kathy Sykes and (I) Richard Wiseman (II) Michael Rosen


BBC Four, 10 January 2003 to 12 January 2006 (35 episodes in 3 series)


Two pro-celebrity teams are challenged to answer brainteasers and lateral thinking questions. Each celebrity brings in a puzzle of their own to try and baffle the opponents, and there's usually a guest celebrity filmed puzzle as well.

The major flaw with this show is that it used a lot of "old chestnuts", which meant that if you were interested in puzzles generally (and if you watched this show, presumably you were) you would probably have seen most of them before - not a problem with a quiz, which is essentially a test of memory, but a bit of a minus in a show supposedly about working things out. As such it was a pleasant enough diversion but ran its course fairly quickly.


Original host Simon Singh
The set.


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