Ministry of Offence



Steve N Allen


Team captains: Diane Spencer and Leo Kearse


GB News, 16 April to 3 September 2022 (18 episodes in 1 series + 3 specials)


Yet another news-based panel show. Rounds include making up punning headlines for news stories, identifying which news story a series of Tweets (TM)(probably) are responding to, pick out the one detail that's been changed in a news story, and a rather half-hearted "debate" round. They've tried to make it sound edgy by billing it as "left vs. right" and calling it Ministry of Offence, but it's just the same gags you'd hear on any other show, and so inoffensive that they even bleep out the swear words. The only thing that really makes it stand out is that its capacious studio has seating for about a dozen audience members, allowing them to accommodate their entire viewership at the same time.


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