No. 1 Soap Fan



Bradley Walsh


Talent TV for ITV1, 27 December 2007


Quiz to find Britain's No.1 Soa... you're ahead of us here.

Combining a quiz show format with archive footage, celebrity guests, and devoted soap fans, No. 1 Soap Fan was a celebration of the nation's favourite soaps: Coronation Street, Emmerdale, EastEnders, Hollyoaks (wha?) and Neighbours.

Bradley Walsh

After a nationwide search, 250 of Britain's biggest and most obsessed soap fans converged on the studio where some of them were randomly chosen (it says here) from the audience to take part in 3 soap-based rounds.

Round One ("Last Man Standing") saw six contestants naming barmaids from the Rovers Return. In Round Two, three contestants faced 60 seconds of questions by their favourite soap star: Jennie McAlpine, Sid Owen or Malandra Burrows.

As my parents would call it, Bradley Walsh with Her Off Of That Farming One and You Know, Her Who Ran Off With That Strange Man

In Round Three, three contestants competing on the buzzer, answering questions on the greatest soap moments of all time (such as Kylie and Jason's wedding). The final saw the three victorious contestants going head to head on the "Soapstar Superboard". Each contestant, against the clock, chose soapstars from the board to ask a question - the one with the most correct answers won.

The game board

The prize was a personalised tour of Coronation Street to meet all the stars, followed by a tour of Emmerdale where they received VIP treatment, lunch with the cast, and a bird's-eye view of the set as they flew over the Dales by helicopter. A reet good day out 'n all.


Stuart Shawcross


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