Public Enemy Number One



Bobby Davro


BBC North for BBC1, 5 September to 17 October 1992 (7 episodes in 1 series)


Four celebrities answer questions and try to predict what members of the public will do in a series of set-up pranks. The set had a skeleton in a closet centre stage, because whoever lost would have some sort of humiliating before-they-were-famous film shown.

Renowned as one of the biggest TV entertainment flops ever, it lasted for seven weeks then was never seen again.

Theme music

Nigel Beaham-Powell


In a Noel's House Party-style end-of-series revenge stunt, the panellists put Davro in a pillory at the end of the final show. The pillory promptly fell over and broke Davro's nose. The outtake wasn't broadcast at the time but is used in BBC safety videos, as well as finding its way into the Inside No. 9 live Halloween episode.


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