Jeremy Vine


Voiceover: Roger Tilling


Spun Gold for ITV, 29 December 2019


“For one night only, the cleverest contestants go head to head in a battle of the brains. They have got all the answers except one - who will be Quizmaster 2019?”

Fifteen excellent quizzers compete to find one champion. Jeremy Vine asks the questions.

Who is the smartest of the set?

First round was "Survival of the Fastest", questions on the buzzer to produce seven qualifiers. "Danger List" asked players to give answers in a category, the top four players progressed to the next round.

"Sabotage" saw our final four compete to assign question categories - both for themselves and for a selected opponent. The best player in this round went through to the final. The remaining trio took on "Need for Speed", answer questions until they've given 15 correct answers, the fastest player goes through.

For the final, the players selected questions for each other, exploiting their weaknesses.

The finalists, David Edwards and Pat Gibson.

Quizmaster had a mixture of fast and slow rounds, aggressive buzzing and reflective thinking. The rounds were designed to ensure there would be something for the casual ITV viewer, without being too easy for the quiz regulars.


Pat Gibson


  • From Mastermind: Kevin Ashman (champion, 1990), Isabelle Heward (champion, 2018), and Shaun Williamson (Celebrity show winner, 2003).
  • From Who Wants to be a Millionaire: David Edwards (million, 2001), John Robinson (half a million, 2019), Pat Gibson (million, 2004).
  • From University Challenge: Eric Monkman (Wolfson Cambridge, finalists 2017), Bobby Seagull (Emmanuel Cambridge, semi-finalists 2017), Freddie Leo (St Edmund Hall Oxford, finalists 2019).
  • From The Chase: Terry Pratt, Diane Howe, and Susan Price-Williams (all brought the bulk of money on teams winning £50,000 or more).
  • From Fifteen-to-One: Ailsa Watson (champion, 2015), Gareth Kingston (champion, 2016), Olav Bjortomt (finalist, 2003).


Not to be confused with the 2002 Australian game show of the same name, which was piloted in this country as Ruthless and hosted by A Song for Europe ghost Christopher Price.

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